Новинка от Meng — The G.91R “NATO Air Forces”

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During the Cold War, NATO wanted a light fighter as standard equipment for the allied air forces. The Italian Fiat G.91 light fighter aircraft was born. It’s the first Italian combat aircraft designed after WWII and named after its designer Mr. Giuseppe Gabrielli. A large number of G.91s served in the Italian Air Force and the Luftwaffe. G.91s guarded the NATO skies for 37 years and the G.91 in the Portuguese Air Force saw combat in Africa. G.91R was the most widely used version of the G.91 family.




About three years ago, MENG released the DS-004 1/72 Light Fighter-Bomber kit. That kit features exquisite fuselage, excellent design and colorful paint schemes. That kit offers three paint schemes like below.




Now, the DS-004s 1/72 Fiat G.91R NATO Air Forces kit is coming. It has the same exquisite fuselage, excellent design, but offers paint schemes of the combat units of the Italian Air Force, the Portuguese Air Force and the Luftwaffe. Grab your opportunity to get one, because this is a limited edition!